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Chemtrails and HAARP activists at Food Sovereignty meeting in Austria

Here is the English translation of an article by the Serbian journalist Mara Kern, published in the webmagazine Pecat, on the recent Food Sovereignty conference at Krems in Austria that was also attended and/or by a number of chemtrails and HAARP activists and functioned as the point of departure for a new initiative.

Wayne Hall


The already waken up human conscience of the necessity to set up well-organized campaign for the Food Sovereignty has led up to creation of an international social movement, La Via Campesina, (Farmers’ Road), connecting the farmers from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America….. Organizers of the first European Forum on the Food Sovereignty – Nyeleni, which took place in Krems (16-21st August 2010) – The Austrian Branch of the above mentioned La Via Campesina, has contributed to the creation over there of the resistance nucleus against the New World Order.

Instead of the arrogant Brussels’ “negotiators” which are merely executing their tasks, making believe that they are negotiating, the Krems meeting was attended by the health food producers from 35 countries all over the world, the same not willing any more to negotiate with anybody. Connecting themselves with the people concerned from other continents, they are building up a sort of a defense wall against the Riders of Apocalypse: WTO, Codex Alimentarius, FDA, Monsanto, etc.

La via Campesina has developed the procedure of serious analysis of both the crisis concerned and practical action to be taken, in order to obtain the accurate definition of the “Food Sovereignty” notion, understanding in the first place food production for the local and national markets, the right of each country to protect its national market and to subsidize small farms, making use of the principle of sustainable agro-ecological agriculture and limitation of the land maximum area.

The movement concerned has got radicalized within the crisis area, the same indicating to which degree the population belonging to the so-called “Third World”, are jeopardized and discontented, the same feelings having culminated in La via Campesina demonstration which took place in Mexico (2003) when a South Korean farmer – as a token of protest against the intergovernmental agreement GATT (a precursor of WTO), the leader of a farmer’s movement, had committed a suicide at a central square – carrying the slogan “WTO is killing farmer”. The cause of a suicide wave resides in the fact that after the signature of the above mentioned agreement in 1992, the Korean market has become widely open to the uncontrolled importation of cheap agricultural produce. The Korean farmers have – following the government initiative – taken the credit lines in order to catch up with the competition and to fall into the debtor slavery and eventually lose their land.

The Serbian Delegation at the above mentioned meeting was headed by Milenko Sreckovic from the “Movement for Freedom”, who, in his work “Land and Freedom”, has reported the experience originating from the ex-Yugoslavian area, promoting in the same time “the people’s fight for the agrarian and agricultural reform”. The Pečat journalist at the meeting in Krems has talked to the representatives of the farmers from Mali, Mr. Ibrahim Coulibali, who had organized the first conference of Nyeleni, which took place in Mali in 2007.

“During the last conference, we had identified the main culprit for our problems relating to the food and implosion of the African eco-systems, the same being in fact the egoistic Western policy. Mali is a country which – thanks to the political changes from 1991, has succeeded to mark a victory against the cultivation of GM food. As the famine problem is not a demographical but political question, we have come to Austria in order to set up the common strategy against the criminal Western policy, which is financing in fact “the death factory” – the agro-business, pharmaceutical industry and GMO industry. Your help and assistance are needed, among other things, to get free by common efforts, from the WTO and EPA agreement dictatorship. The Conference has got its name “Nyeleni” after a heroine of the Mali people – the woman who had succeeded to sustain her family in the most severe conditions and safeguard her land and seed for her descendants. Our movement has in fact inspired a great number of countries to include the notion of the Food Sovereignty into their Constitutions. The same include Nepal, Mali, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. IAASTD has published a report during 2008, in which is requested the transition of agriculture from corporative control to the support for agricultural production of small sustainable farms, which notion has got the support from 51 governments.”

Joel Voyllot, a representative of the Swiss branch of the Association for the Seed Kokopelli Preservation, has pointed out the importance of gathering and keeping of the domestic sorts of seed, necessary for survival of the mankind.

“The Kokopelli organization has been keeping distributing for 17 years now the fruit, vegetables` and cereals` seed, getting into grips with the seed mafia which controls the agro-chemistry, pharmaceutical sector, as well as the food distribution chains. The West has spent billions of dollars to save the banks – in order to deny the right – based on new European Laws (within the framework of the Codex Alimentarius) for free growth of medical herbs. I have brought here the book written by Dominique Guillet “Sémences de Kokopelli” (Kokopelli seeds), the Bible of our Resistance to the GMO and the New Order. Dominique asserts that this New Order does not bring anything new – “it consists only in and aggressive imposition and renewal of an inhuman, authoritarian and sclerotic system, which is also autistic and closed up for all the forces of life regeneration.” The World Government is thus financing the “death science”, by way of the GMO, and it is about the high time to get back to the myths on which the civilisation is relying. In fact, Kokopelli is a mythic person within the cosmogony of the American Indian, who is passing through the villages carrying a bag full with seeds. After his passage, there is a period of fertility – the women, animals and soil are delivering their fruits. Instead of sowing the Monsanto unfertile seeds, we would like to make Kokopelli come back, as a new-old ethical principle of our era. We are facing a struggle against an “International Poisoners Gang” - named so by Roger Hyme, the renowned ecologist, having recognized even as long ago as in 1963, the disaster signs of the “century if ignorance and blind technique”. When we look back to all the missed opportunities to fight back, among which there is the one missed by America after the famous President Kennedy’s speech of 1963 – speech in which he expressed his resolve to put an end to “chemical polluters and the destruction of soil and biodiversity”. We might not miss this opportunity. The authorities call us paranoids and fanatics, claiming that they could cure the disease they caused with the help of “a socially responsible capitalism”. She accuses them of forming their declarations on Third World hunger problem in the name of the European lobbies, and not in the name of the European people. In 2009, she obtained (from a diplomatic source) a statement of one of the Western diplomats in which he claims: “Together, we are heading toward a New World Order and nobody, I repeat – nobody, can stand in our way.” The people from the Via Campesina movement are united in their answer: “No, we refuse to follow you on this path to destruction!”

During our stay in Krems, we also met a group of scientists from the Vavilov Institute for Seed Preservation based in St. Petersburg, in whose possession is the one of the biggest collection of seed established by the Russian scientist Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov. For decades, this “fanatic” had been collecting the old sorts of seed across the Soviet Union, only to leave his successors unprepared for this New Russia ruled by tycoons and their double standards. The St. Petersburg seed bank is currently maintained by the group of enthusiasts (or volunteers, seeing what scarce financial support they have from the government) which hope to protect Russia from the GMO cartels, in the same way they managed to preserve their collection during the Second World War and the Leningrad Siege, when many of the Soviet scientists starved to death, although they could have saved their lives by using that seed. Nobody knows for sure what will happen with this precious collecting under the “socially responsible capitalism”, but the Russian “guardians of this national treasure” refuse to give up.

Vasso Kanellopoulou, member of the Greek organization Pelliti (“oak” in the language of the Pontus), pointed out that each enthusiastic individual could achieve great results in spite of the oppressive regimes in most of the European countries. At the island of Aegina, this organization established a successful education system that teaches children, as early as the pre-elementary school age, the importance of preserving the old sorts of seed in respect of which nobody is a holder of patent rights. The Greek seed bank is based in the village of Dracha, near the city of Kavala, and Pelliti’s vision of a farm in the future is that everybody is going to make his contribution for seed preservation according to their own possibilities.

During the above mentioned conference, the Greek delegation has drawn the attention to the sowers of the “mystery seed – chemtrails” which were sown during the whole day in Krems by some very industrial pilots. In his effort to prevent the forthcoming toxic harvest, Mr. Wayne Hall spoke of the need for an international movement having for its objective the fight for truth about chemtrails and HAARP. Mr. Hall also expressed his willingness to help Nikola Aleksic, a Serbian activist whose problems are already known to this organization.

The Greek delegation was joined by Claudia von Werlhof, the professor at the Innsbruck Political Science Institute, one of the very first victims of a HAARP “secret keepers”. As a matter of fact, Ms. Claudia was threatened with sacking from her job after having expressed rather definite suspicions regarding the nature of a recent Haiti earthquake by mentioning the possibility that that the American army foe could have deliberately provoked the earthquake (by way of the HAARP system activation), with a view to seize the opportunity for a smooth invasion of Haiti. Her director, Mr. Ferdinand Karlhofer, justified his decision by arguing that she had harmed the Institute’s reputation by way of her assertions – “spreading around the conspiracy theory without providing any scientific proofs whatsoever”. Thanks to the efforts made by the newly established committee and to the open letter addressed to Ms. Catherine Ashton, Ms. Claudia von Werlhof has been readmitted to her work post, this fact opening the prospects in a fight for truth and extending the action field for Via Campesina, the members of which are holding a merit that the European civilization – as formulated by Jose Ortega y Gasset has finally begun to form suspicions in its respect.

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