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HAARP and the Japanese earthquake


It is not only conspiracy theorists that are apprehensive about HAARP. The European Union called the programme "a subject that  concerns the whole planet" and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility."
  -- Quote from
a documentary on HAARP by Canada's public broadcasting network CBC.
The indescribable tragedy in Japan, with its still unknown implications for the future of life on this planet, along with the parallel paroxysm of barbarous violence in North Africa suggest that human history is moving into a new and unprecedentedly dramatic phase.

Inevitably, speculation focuses on the role of secret systems such as HAARP, and its counterparts in other countries. The suggestions of the journalist  George Ure are just one example of a widespread questioning:

“Over the years, a lot of crackpot theories have developed around HAARP, but it’s always been conjecture based on the magnetometers, since I’ve been unable to locate the critical data to interpret whether HAARP was causative to some of the odd phenomena afoot in the world today, like bird kills, out-of-place earthquakes, and the like, or whether it was coincident to anomalous events.”

In dramatic situations like the present,  organizations in civil society, and above all the anti-nuclear movements, are called upon to react, and to react adequately. But what does one find?

At the anti-nuclear discussion forum, abolition-caucus, which brings together some key anti-nuclear campaigners, on 28th March one finds the senior anti-nuclear activist Aaron Tovish, in reference to a “tsunami bomb”, whose existence has  now been declassified, saying that “any link to HAARP is as fanciful as the other links to HAARP.”                                                                                                                                           
(Aaron Tovish is International Campaign Director of the Mayors for Peace and Adviser to the President of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. He is based in Vienna.)

In other words Mr. Tovish is stating that he knows there is no connection between HAARP and the Japanese earthquake. The reality is that he knows no such thing and when he makes these statements what he is doing is merely repeating a required  assumption of his milieu. It is surely time for this milieu and these assumptions to change,  and for a dividing line to be drawn between lazy lack of concern and the real requirements of citizen politics in today’s situation of terminal crisis.

We  do not believe that anybody is in a position to  make the assertion that he made and certainly people in the anti-nuclear movement should not  be making such assertions.

The role of HAARP in the Japan tragedy is  a matter of intense controversy.  The opposite view to Mr. Tovish's is widely held, and understandably, because the  European Parliament examined HAARP thirteen years ago and found it to be something quite different from what the US government claims it to be. The European Parliament described it as “a  weapons system that disrupts the climate”.

One of the most damning statements in the document reveals an American refusal to account for itself regarding HAARP research:

"[The European Parliament]… regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the high Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) programme…."

 George Ure says this: “I’d like to see HAARP open up and report all of its transmitter operations and array headings for the week prior to the Japan quake.  Not that I’m asserting and wrongdoing , of course. But I am bothered down at the soul level what jumps out of the magnetometer readings.”

All of the anti-nuclear movement should be putting forward this same demand,  not doing as Aaron Tovish does: adopting a stance that is the same as that of the United States government.

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  1. Tovish should be more responsible and mature with his sayings.
    Has he done any research about HAARP?
    Does he have any data and he is so sure that, HAARP has nothing to do with Japan's earthquake?
    Then, he should give us these data.

  2. Unfortunately, at the abolition-caucus Aaron Tovish now has a free hand, and is even considered as more objective than some others, whose positions are even worse than his, insofar as they don't even pretend to be anti-nuclear. I, who was arguing with him, have been excluded from posting.

    There was also a debate going on about whether depleted uranium is being used in Libya. The people who are very very insistent that one should not even open one's mouth on this subject until everything one says been proved to the last doubter on the face of the earth, are free to say whatever they like at abolition-caucus.

    Even the president of IPPNW in Greece (the international anti-nuclear medical doctors' organization – I was passing on her information ) is not having her input on depleted uranium in Libya accepted at abolition-caucus.

    There is no reason to believe that abolition-caucus differs from other fora of the "anti-nuclear movement". It is time for a new content to be given to the term “anti-nuclear movement”.

  3. This is discussion from a year ago. It was distributed at the Belfort Group symposium in Ghent last May.

    Aaron Tovish: To induce an earthquake intentionally would require knowing where a rupture is about to occur and then focusing a huge amount of energy on it. The current state of earthquake prediction is woefully far from such knowledge and there is no way of bringing sufficient additional stress to bear on the zone even if one knew where it was. (Possible exception: use of an underground nuclear explosion, although the main phenomenon there is much smaller aftershocks.)

    When human activity does induce an earthquake it is because of extensive long term activity, such as removal of ground water, oil, and/or gas over decades (the German case), or construction and filling of a new dam (the earlier China quake possibly).

    From the above it is clear that earthquakes occur inevitably where tectonic movements are occurring. However, we have no useful grasp of when they will occur, so not basis for knowing when and where they can be triggered. As there is no evidence that nuclear weapon testers were ever able to trigger earthquakes larger than the initial explosion (I would like to know if there is evidence that they even tried), it can be readily ruled out that the comparatively piddling force of the ionosphere could be harnessed to this end.

    Regards, Aaron

    PS: It is negligent of me to devote time to writing the above when there is such a crush of work relating to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. I will not respond to any further correspondence on this matter until after 15 May.

    Wayne Hall: Anyway, our Open Letter to Catherine Ashton served one useful purpose. It was employed by Claudia von Werlhof in her successful campaign to keep her job after being threatened with dismissal following her public statements in connection with the Haiti earthquake including the suggestion that it might have been deliberately caused by HAARP.
    This information was provided by Sister Rosalie Bertell, one anti-nuclear campaigner who is not afraid to touch this subject.

    Aaron Tovish: I am very glad that Prof. von Werlhof has not been dismissed. That would have been a violation of her free speech rights particularly important in an academic environment. I would continue to strongly advise her and others to be more scholarly when making such assertions.

    It is no small thing to accuse a government or person of intentionally and gratuitously killing hundreds of thousands of people. Such accusations should be reserved for very well-founded cases.

    I challenge you to find one seismologist who would waste a single day researching whether electro-magnetic waves can trigger earthquakes. It makes as about as much sense as researching whether pigs can fly.

    Wayne Hall: You have pinned your colours to the mast with this assertion.

    Aaron Tovish: Yes, having received a Master Degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from UCLA I am in a position, as are all others who have taken basic courses in seismology, to pin my colors to the mast on this

  4. Comment from Eric Cornand:

    Comment on Tovish:

    1. "To induce an earthquake intentionally would require knowing where a
    rupture is about to occur."

    Eric: This is not necessarily true. It is commonly known that an earthquake does not come in one single event. It starts with smaller preshocks, builds up to a major shock and then aftershocks follow.

    In the case of the Japan earthquake of 3/11, a 6,7 shock occurred as early as 3/9. If one would want to create an induced earthquake in that same area, such a preshock would be most welcome and could act as a trigger signal. If
    HAARP has the power to do such a thing, 3/9 and 3/10 would have been the ideal moments. Some show the magnetometer readings of those days to prove that HAARP was indeed very busy. The problem is that we do not know whether
    the charts show a HAARP action or a HAARP reading.

    2. ".However, we have no useful grasp of when they will occur, so not basis for knowing when and where they can be triggered".

    Eric: Again not true for the same reason as stated under 1.

    3. ". it can be readily ruled out that the comparatively piddling force
    of the ionosphere could be harnessed to this end."

    Eric: Due to what was mentioned
    under 1. And 2. It can definitely not be 'ruled out'.

    So Aaron has no more decisive arguments against than Wayne has for the implication of HAARP in this matter. The discussion is therefore not
    closed and the suspicion remains valid.

  5. More from Eric Cornand:

    If you take my remarks on Aaron's text and keep them in mind while looking at the chart from the link below, you will notice that on 3/09 the magnetic variation on the fluxgate magnetometer stays below 50 nT (nanoTesla), although the 6.7 shake in Japan took place on that day. The next day however, the variations peek off the chart with more than 200 nT while there was no earthquake worth mentioning to account for that variation.

    On 3/11 we see similar extreme variations up to 3/12.

    What can be derived from these observations?

    Ø While on one hand there seems to be a correlation, on the other there are certain anomalies that are inexplicable.

    Ø The fact that on the day of the first earthquake (3/09) with a magnitude of 6.7 Rs (Richter scale) there is hardly any variation on the fluxgate readings, seems to show that earthquakes and magnetometer readings are not related.

    Ø Then, on 3/10 when there were not significant tremblings in Japan, the magnetometer readings go of the chart. Again showing no apparent correlation.

    Ø The readings from 3/11 and 3/12 could indicate a correlation but in the light of the aforementioned anomalies that does not seem to be the fact.

    Ø If we would assume that HAARP could cause a reinforcing interference in an earthquake, then the anomalies would become explicable.

    Ø In other words: in the viewpoint of HAARP as an instrument of observation, the anomalies remain inexplicable and are odd, however, if we see HAARP as a weapon, everything we observe in the chart becomes logical…

    Let's wait to see what Daniel has to say.